Photography by Kevin Barnett

Photograph by Kevin Barnett

Jeff Ryan is a young author from Hartford, Connecticut though he now lives in Nashville, TN where he spends his time bartending and writing new books.

His first work, Chain Letters and Other Poems was published in July 2012, and rose overnight to become an Amazon best-seller. Several of the poems, including the title poem and the poems “November” and “Dragonflies” went on to win awards. Building on that momentum, Jeff partnered with Broken Lamp Publishers to bring his next book into print and into bookstores. His second book, To Leave or Die in Nashville was published in March 2013.

He is currently working on another book of poetry The Half-True Memoirs of my Awkward Adolescence and a young adult novel titled The Legend of James Perry.


One thought on “About

  1. cricketmuse says:

    Congrats on the publishing! I wish you will in your adventures in wordsmithing–and thanks for the follow. When life settles down I plan to look into e-publishing.

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